Stoneybrook Noble Gold uniqueness lies in the craftsmanship of proprietor and sole technician, Penny Marrazzo. Penny’s undivided attention to detail and expertise in the art of gold makes Stoneybrook Noble Gold the premier choice for your dental patients. Stoneybrook Noble Gold is committed to providing precision castings.


The key to creating a successful and beautiful gold casting at Stoneybrook Noble Gold lies in the unique and personalized approach that is taken with each case. Every case receives the highest level of professionalism that sets Stoneybrook Noble Gold apart from the rest.To ensure the maximum efficiency and precision, a microscope is used for just about everything. It captures all the details and clarity required for many crucial areas when making a gold casting and ensures that everything fits perfectly as planned.The opportunity to communicate with photos is available to ensure we have the best understanding of what both sides are looking for, whether you're discussing your case to the patient or teaching to a group.

Why Gold?

There are numerous benefits to using gold in dental restorations. When properly placing a precise fitting casting, the results can be exceptional and last a lifetime.Once the gold is finished, the casting and finish are brought to such a high level of shine and polish that they can even be smoother than the existing teeth.Finishing the gold the same as you would in the mouth, by smoothing the gold margins into the tooth, everything will be just perfect, giving the patient the very best result that you as a dentist could give!


“Gold castings can be the longest lasting dental material in existence – assuming the laboratory work is excellent. In my opinion Penny Marrazzo, in a few short years has become one of the top cast gold technicians in the country. Being a one person laboratory she does all the work herself, takes her time and produces an excellent result. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in fine cast gold.”
– Bruce W. Small, DMD

“I have known Penny for over 25 years. She is the best at what she does, a true artist. Her attention to detail is unparalleled.”
Kaitlin Small, DDS

“Penny's work is consistently excellent! The inlays and onlays seat with ease so I can spend my time finishing instead of adjusting. Patients always seem to appreciate the "mouth Feel" of gold they never detect a margin or feel an overhang. Cases are always on time or early and we all appreciate that!”
Jay Wise, DDS

“Penny at Stoneybrook Noble Gold Dental Lab is constantly delivers quality castings in every sense of a Tucker lab. Attention to details, meticulous work and consistent doctor/lab tech correspondence lead to predictable, lifetime patient restorations.”
Al LaPorta, DDS

“Penny Brings consistency, beauty, and excellent craftsmanship to the chair for my delivery of cast goldwork. For over ten years, she's supported my growth in perfecting RV Tucker preparation design with clean execution and capture. The product that we collectively deliver to my patients is something for which I take great pride!”
Dr. Laura Harkins, DMD

“Gold in dentistry requires a superior sense of precision, fine artistry, and excellence. Care for the patient’s wellbeing is what makes a dentist offer gold restorations, regardless of easier and less time consuming options. Penny Marrazzo’s excellent work allows me to offer the best for my patients. Her work is an absolute perfection! I trust her fine skills with every impression I send her! But I also understand that behind her excellence is her care for my patients, people she never gets to meet or get a thank you from. I am endlessly thankful to her for that!
Thank You, Penny!”

– Olga Baczara, DMD

“Your search for an A+ laboratory is over! Penny is devoted to excellence and proves this time and again with her superior gold castings. She raises the bar and helps motivate us to become better dentists. My only regret is that I did not discover her laboratory years ago.”
– Dr. Elliott Barish, DDS

“I have discovered that, if one is going to do cast gold work, you have to have a lab that understands gold and can deliver castings that fit. I am very impressed with the work that you do. Your attention to detail and dedication to the technology and hard work it takes to consistently deliver beautiful castings is evident.”
Thomas L. Regan, DDS, MAGD


Penny Marrazzo
Stoneybrook Noble Gold
(267) 566-4932

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